CBD: Healing that Comes in Different Forms

CBD is used for a variety of therapeutic purposes including pain relief and anxiety. It comes in a variety of forms, and while research suggests that no one form is superior to another, the form you use depends on your preferences and/or needs.

Oils and Tinctures: Tinctures and concentrates are probably the most pure applications of CBD, administered by placing a couple drops on or under your tongue.

Capsules: Using capsules is probably the easiest way to add CBD to your life as a daily supplement, in addition to other supplements you may be taking.

Topicals: Most major CBD brands now offer CBD in a topical form, such as lotions, salve, and creams and even lip balms. Topicals have been shown to help with chronic pain, inflammation, acne, psoriasis, and more. They also help with localized pain or for targeted body parts.

Vapes: CBD comes in the form of “vape juice” placed in a device known as a pen. The user then inhales the product through the vape pen. Vaping, or inhaling the cannabidiol, works well in delivering CBD rapidly to the bloodstream.

Edibles: Some people may prefer to take their CBD in the form of edibles— foods infused with cannabidiol. Edibles are also easy to take on the go and come in such popular varieties as gummies, chocolates, caramels and baked goods.

Topicals: Balms, salves, creams and lotions made with CBD oil can relieve pain such as aching muscles and joints. It may also be used to improve skin issues.

When it comes to using CBD, the options are plentiful. Do your research and choose the ones that will work best for you. At Dr. Cannabus, our farm is dedicated to growing the highest quality industrial hemp, which is processed on-site into a range of CBD products. We want to enrich lives with the natural therapeutic products we offer —that help nurture a sharp mind and healthy body. Contact us today and find out more!

Note: Please consult with your doctor before adding CBD to your health regimen.

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